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On the afternoon of June 28, 2019 Ms. Kathryn Lincoln, Chairman of the Board of the Lincoln Land Policy Institute, visited Peking University. Hao Ping, President of Peking University, met with the guests at Linhuxuan located on the Peking University Campus. The guests included Dr. George McCarthy, President of the Lincoln Institute, Mr. Armando Carbonell, Vice President, and Dr. Shi Xinrui, Chief of Staff of the Office of the President.

Peking University President Hao welcomed Ms. Lincoln to the university and pointed out that the Peking University-Lincoln Institute Center (PLC), which was jointly established by the Lincoln Research Institute and Peking University, has made important contributions to promoting academic exchanges between China and the United States over the past decade and is a model of good relationships between China and the United States. He proposed that he hopes that the two sides will pay more attention to and support the development of the PLC in the future, and will have greater influence in China, Asia and the world. He encourages Peking University School of Urban and Environmental Studies and other related academics to actively participate in the activities of the PLC, contribute to the curriculum and development of Peking University, and that the two sides can further communicate on specific projects.

Ms. Lincoln expressed her gratitude to Peking University for her reception and meeting. She introduced the members of the delegation of the Lincoln Land Policy Institute and expressed her positive support for President Hao’s suggestion. She too hoped to promote the development of Sino-US relations and further promote the activities of PLC. Dr. McCarthy, President of the Lincoln Institute, believes that through the work of the PLC, the two sides have made many contributions to the study and development of China's urban development and land policy. This form of cooperation has become a model that is promoted in Africa and other places.

The PLC introduced current projects of the Peking University-Lincoln Center and introduced the 2019 International Conference on Urban Development in China. The conference attracted 170 academics from more than 10 countries and regions to share and discuss issues and experiences related to urbanization, and provide a platform for academic discussions to explore the complex process of urban development in China.

Others in attendance were Peking University - Deputy Director of the Center for Urban Development and Land Policy Research, Lincoln Institute, He Canfei, Dean of the School of Urban and Environmental Studies, Zhang Pingwen, Director of the Disciplinary Construction Office, Xia Hongwei, Minister of International Cooperation, Wei Yu, Vice Minister of Scientific Research, Zhou Manli, Vice Minister of International Cooperation.

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